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Ministry highlight 2023

Exciting new changes as Merendon Mountain Mission changes their name to Cultivating Discipleship Ministries.

In 2023 to 2024, Toby and Amy will be helping the kids learn to live in the United States while at the same time raising $80,000 to support the new goals for our ministry.
Our goals:
*Provide the ministers we work with a salary
*Provide Sunday school lessons and a meal every Saturday to 150 kids
*Provide a community fund for those most in need.
*Provide music lessons to those who want to be part of the worship at a local church.
*Provide school supplies to the kids in the two schools who we work alongside with.
*Provide additional support to the local schools wherever we can.
*Toby working with a local prisions to give the prisoners hope.
*Toby to work with troubled kids whose lives are headed to prison if there is no intervention.
*Toby and Amy to work to strengthen marriages and families.
*Amy to teach health classes in the local schools and to give health lessons to the local community.
*There is a possibility that Amy will be able to work in a local clinic.