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Adolfo and his wife Teresa

Adolfo and Teresa in Moca

Adolfo teaches and preaches at the church four times a week. When there are funds, they provide a meal to the local children and a Bible lesson. It takes $75 to feed the 50 children who come. Adolfo would love to have a vehicle so they can pick up these children to bring to class and have the funds to provide a meal. Toby has been preaching on Sunday and encouraging partaking of communion. Toby also teaches on biblical leadership. He has been mentoring Adolfo and his wife for the last 5 years. Toby and Amy when they return will be working on strengthening marriages and families. Amy has been given permission to teach health classes in the local school system as well. Toby has been given permission to teach the Bible. We would love to financially support Adolfo and Teresa so that they can be more involved in ministry.