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Consider how God can use you to help make a difference in the lives of people in the Dominican Republic

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How your gift will make a difference:

Stage 1:
1. Church activities/expenses $150 ($50 for 3 churches)
2. Ministers financial support $400 ($200 each for 2 ministers).
3. Community relief $150 ($50 per church).
4. Transportation $700
5. 2 meals a month for 150 kids each $450
Total: $1,850

Stage 2:
1. Ministers- an additional $400 to help support 2 additional ministers.
2. Churches- an additional $150 so that 2 new churches can be launched.
3. Community relief- an additional $150
4. Doctors $500 for 3 communities
5. 2 meals a month for 150 kids each $450 (total of 4 meals a month).
Total: an additional $1,650

Stage 3:
1. Ministers $2,000
2. Music lessons $250 ($50 for 5 churches)
3. Community relief $1,300
Total: an additional $3,550

Stage 4:
1. Provide scholarships to get training for jobs that will benefit the local community.
2. Purchase a soccer field.
3. Build a kitchen that will be used for the church and community needs.
4. Partnering with Casas por Cristo to help build housing ($12,200).
What we can accomplish together!
Working together we can have a life changing impact in the communities where we work and begin reaching out to new communities where help is needed.
  • 1
    A. Verse by verse teaching the books of Acts, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus. Basic Bible doctrine taught. Our goal is to do this in 25 churches by 2029.
    B. Discipleship and mentoring.
    C. Two new church plants.
    D. Strengthening families, marriages, and kids first in the local church and then the local community in 25 churches/areas by 2029.
    E. Saturday children Bible classes and meal for 3 churches.
  • 2
    A. Community relief fund.
    B. Teaching weekly in prisons.
    C. Providing a doctor once a month in 3 communities.
    D. To continue to meet with communities leaders: to identify and meet the ongoing needs of the community.
  • 3
    A. Provide school supplies for children.
    B. Work with our local schools.
    C. Teach Bible and health classes in local schools.
    D. Provide math flash cards.
Special projects
These projects can make a long term difference in the lives of our ministers, their congregations, school children, local schools, and a faithful church member.
  • 1
    Provide 10 ministers with a basic minister’s library ($300 per minister).
    Provide 10 ministers with study guide package ($150 per minister).
  • 2
    Purchase 5 schools supplies ($160 per school).
    Provide school supplies for 300 kids ($20 per child).
    Help us math and language flashcards! All orders will be directly sent to us!
  • 3
    Raise $12,200 to build faithful church member Modesta a house (being provided for by Cornerstone Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas).
    $5,000 to go to Honduras to encourage our church there and cancel our residency.
Support Options
Choose from 3 support options.
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Advisory Team
The Advisory Team supports and promotes the success of our work. This special group helps us raise support and our mission to support ministers, have an emergency fund for 3 communities, and provide help for students.
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Give monthly or yearly. Recurring support makes the largest impact on our ability to serve in the Dominican Republic.
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